Our Mission

"To seek out promising, disruptive, and transformational leaders from around the world and develop them into prospective global champions. "

COINX is a Venture Capital and Lean Startup Accelerator located in Silicon Valley focusing on startups and growth stage companies. We bring together the new generations of successful entrepreneurs and innovators. We serve as a linkage with Silicon Valley in providing startups and growth-stage companies with a platform to be successful on a global scale.

COINX Accelerator

Our Accelerator program provides you with the right business strategy and engineering support for your company.

Course Curriculum

Our instructors have a wealth of product and business knowlege to offer: from general entepreneurial know-how,

to product-focused advice.

Events & Networking

We host a series of Demo Days, Crowdfuding campaigns, and Networking events.


We introduce you to our connections with different distribution channels.

Partnering With

COINX is affiliated with several organizations throughout Silicon Valley. You will be matched with the experts in the field of your interest.

Lean Manufacturing

COINX is the only VC with an on-site pilot plant in Silicon Valley. Our plant offers a prototyping facility as a resource.

COINX Capital

We are located in a 75,000 sq. ft. individual building right near the heart of Silicon Valley.

Paradigm Shift

COINX offers a platform that brings together the new generations (X, Y, and Z) of successful innovators in VC and hightech. 

Exit & Expanision Strategies

COINX works closely with growth companies by helping them plan and recraft their business in order to have a smooth transitional exit or expansion. ​

Portfolio Companies

We are very glad and proud to work with companies that are both Local and International.

Strategic Partners



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We have a library collection of resources for convenience. 

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